How to get Booked Solid with Clients You Love

Next Webinar on January 30th, 2019

One of the biggest challenges photographers face is how to connect with new ideal clients. We’ll cover some of what has worked for us to help our amazing clients to find us, connect with our work, and start a relationship of trust.

We’ll be focusing on your website as it is often a clients first impression of you and you work. A great website is so much more than just amazing images, it’s also about killer copy, personal touches, emotional connect, and usability. In our 9 years of business we’ve crafted our website, text, client PDFs and all of our interactions with potential clients to speak directly to who they are, and why we are the best fit for them.

Volunteer your website for a critique, and we’ll go over your About section, Portfolio, the overall feel, and anything else we see that could use a little TLC.

In this Webinar you will learn:

  • Ways to connect with new clients
  • What to look for in your images to attract your ideal audience
  • How to write copy that makes people have to have you for their photographer.
  • A little SEO magic to help you connect with the people out there looking for you.

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