Goddess Sessions for the mothers, lovers, daughters, sisters, expecting mothers, and grandmothers: let’s celebrate your divine feminine strength, beauty, and badassery in a photography session in Calgary on March 17th. In this relaxed one-on-one session, I’ll guide you into the powerful, beautiful and wise parts of yourself as we create images that inspire you and celebrate the goddess within you.

Sometimes we don’t realize how amazing we are while we’re looking out through our own eyes. These images will hold up a mirror to the magic inside of you; to your love, your strength, your beauty, and your power. They will be a way for you to remember and reconnect with a part of you that shines through in little moments when you’re relaxed and the light touches your eyes a certain way, or when you have that particular smile that your friends and family tell you about. These images will show you how people who are madly in love with you see you; as a gorgeous woman like no other.

Some of my most treasured photos are of my mother before I was around to meet her, looking like a total goddess. I could explain to you in detail the way she styled her hair and makeup and the touch of a smile on her face. I can feel her in that photo. My sisters and I often look at old photos and marvel at how beautiful and elegant our mother is and grandmother was. When we connect over these pieces of our history, it reminds me of how amazing the women in my family are. Each time I revisit the photos, I see something new in them. This is what I want you to have; gorgeous portraits capturing your inner goddess and a piece of your family history, for you and for everyone who loves you.

Your experience will include:

  • A one hour guided, super fun photo session with Abby
  • One image of your choice included in your session
  • Gorgeous artwork capturing your unique magic
  • A part of your personal history, becoming even more priceless as time passes

Session Price: $99

A couple of weeks after your session we’ll go through your images together and you’ll get to order as many à la carte photos and prints as you like.

Space is limited for this one-day event. You can sign up or ask questions in the form below. I would love to capture some magic and history with you!


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October 30, 2018
Beautiful photographs!

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