We’re so excited to share with you Erin + Andrew’s Intimate Emerald Lake Lodge Wedding, these guys are amazing photographers and even better friends and we were so entirely honoured to photograph their beautiful wedding day!

Here is more about it, in their own words.


Planning our wedding was simple. We saw this as an opportunity to bring together our families and spend an evening with them all in the same room. Since they are scattered throughout Canada and as far away as Australia we very rarely have the chance to spend quality time with them. When we think about it, that group of people will most likely never be together in the same room ever again. So, planning an intimate wedding was probably our main goal. We weren’t wrapped up in too many details. We knew what was important and we stuck to those things. We wanted to have nice dinner in a intimate setting in the Canadian Rockies. Our group size allowed everyone to just order off Emerald Lake Lodge’s regular menu (which is outstanding by the way) and made everything simpler.
We decided on Emerald Lake Lodge because it is epically beautiful. It felt like our own little slice of paradise in the Canadian rockies. Being early January, we ended up having almost the whole place to ourselves, or at least it felt that way. Oh, and the food was spectacular, so that was an easy choice too. None of our family had been there, so it felt a little like a mini vacation, since everyone flew out for the wedding anyway.

We planned a super chill day. Our ceremony wasn’t until 4pm, so we literally had all day to spend together. That was really awesome. It was the calm before the (beautiful) storm and I’m so thankful we had that. We also decided that we wanted to spend some time before the ceremony with our families separately. So, Andrew spent time with his parents and sister while I spent time with mine. That was a great time to reflect with our families and ground ourselves.

After we saw our families, we met up and started getting ready together. We didn’t have a wedding party, so it was just the two of us. I can’t tell you how nice that was. No drama, just a few quiet moments together.
Oh, one last thing. We also did private vows, just the two of us before our ceremony. This was a huge stress reliever for me, who doesn’t like being the centre of attention for any reason. We were able to say all the things that were important to us without any onlookers or any pressure. For those of you who are nervous to say your vows in front of a crowd of people or for those of you who are consider yourselves private people, this may be a great option. It was such a meaningful part of our day.
I chose to make our wedding cake with my sister a few days before the wedding. Was it easy? No, I’m not a baker. Did the cake look super professional? Not really, but that’s not the point. I tested the recipe for about 6 months before the wedding before getting it just right, so it TASTED amazing. The cake topper was at my grandmother’s wedding and was used again at my mother’s wedding. It’s more than 60 years old and made of icing sugar. I have no idea how my grandmother preserved it so well. She couldn’t be at the wedding so it was amazing to work that little detail into our day. That was pretty special. I cut greenery from our backyard to decorate it, which was also kind of cool.
We chose to work with Abby & Dave first and foremost because their work cuts through all the wedding ‘bullshit’. We didn’t care about the colour of the linens or spend too much time fretting over our outfits or decor. We knew that in 10 years from now none of that would matter. What would matter would be looking back on our wedding day and remembering the emotions we felt. We wanted to open our wedding album and see how much we were truly loved on our wedding day. We wanted to remember how special it was to have our family with us on that day. That’s what they do best.
Everyone’s hopes for their wedding are different. But, when it comes down to it, you are celebrating your first day as a married couple. So, decide who you want to celebrate with and remember that all of those people may never be together, in the same room, ever again. Decide what’s important to you and spend your efforts making those things happen. The rest, really doesn’t matter. Above all, remember that your wedding day is for you and the person you are about to marry. So, make it a spectacular day – whatever that means to you.

Vendor List:

Ceremony + Reception: Emerald Lake Lodge, Field B.C
Officiant: Robin White – Banff Lake Louise Weddings
Videographers: Parfait Productions

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May 12, 2017
Really nice work. I love the way you use the light. Your photos look very natural.
    May 17, 2017
    Thank you so much Sergio!
Wow I've never seen snow in my life

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