A few weeks ago, I attended my fifth Canada Photo Convention a yearly pilgrimage to Vancouver to spend time with some amazing friends and learn from some of the best photographers in our industry. However this year, things were going to be a little different because I wasn’t just an attendee, I was the first Official Photographer that CPC has ever had. I was going to spend three days working in front of a room full of amazing photographers, trying to make images I was proud of, of other photographers who I admire.

No pressure right?

And to top it all off, I had decided to challenge myself by only shooting with available light. I didn’t want to distract the attendees or speakers with my speed-lights popping off every few seconds while they are trying to focus on what is being taught. What I didn’t realize is that the light in a mostly blacked out Holiday Inn conference room is not very available, or beautiful. But, challenge and struggle help us learn and become better, so I didn’t back down and shot my heart out over three days.

cpc-van-2016-003 cpc-van-2016-008 cpc-van-2016-011Sam Hurd
cpc-van-2016-020Geoff Duncan cpc-van-2016-024Benj Haischcpc-van-2016-030cpc-van-2016-036Oli Sansom cpc-van-2016-042Benjamin Chernivsky
cpc-van-2016-046Heather Jowettcpc-van-2016-048Heather Jowett cpc-van-2016-049Heather Jowett cpc-van-2016-053Haley Shandro
cpc-van-2016-059Keith Bridle
cpc-van-2016-067 cpc-van-2016-068Amanda Marie Schwinghammer cpc-van-2016-069Jasser Abu-Giemicpc-van-2016-070Jasser Abu-Giemi
cpc-van-2016-081Caroline Ghetes
cpc-van-2016-091Caroline Ghetes
cpc-van-2016-103Jim and Vicky Pollard
cpc-van-2016-109Caroline Anne
cpc-van-2016-147Andy Gaines cpc-van-2016-153 cpc-van-2016-154Kyle Heppcpc-van-2016-155 cpc-van-2016-158Kyle Hepp
cpc-van-2016-163Ed Peerscpc-van-2016-166Hugh Whitaker and Jennifer Moher
cpc-van-2016-168Shari + Mike Vallely
cpc-van-2016-170Ed Peers
cpc-van-2016-175 Jenna + Tristan Shouldicecpc-van-2016-176Jenna + Tristan Shouldice cpc-van-2016-181 Tim Kingcpc-van-2016-183Tim King cpc-van-2016-162cpc-van-2016-111 cpc-van-2016-115 cpc-van-2016-123 cpc-van-2016-130 cpc-van-2016-133cpc-van-2016-134Wyn Wiley

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