We’ve watched a lot of documentaries, read a bunch of books and articles and learned that our world is not only a beautiful place, but one that could use a lot of help. It can be overwhelming to begin learning about what seems like infinite struggles faced by humans, other animals, whole ecosystems and our planet. It can seem impossible to fix it all, so the tendency can be to shut down.

You can call us irrational optimists, but we believe that everyone has endless potential to be a great help in a world worth fighting for. We don’t know how to fix it all, but we know everything starts with one step. So we’re making a step. We’re going to spotlight an organization which we have researched and believe in. Each month we will consider a new organization to spotlight or continue with our current one. For every wedding that we book we will donate $50 to our featured organization at the time.

These are the qualities that we consider for our spotlight organization. If you would like to nominate an organization which fits some of these please mention it in the comments below!

  1. Protects the Environment
  2. Supports community
  3. Works with and supports indigenous people
  4. Lessens the suffering of others

Our first Spotlight is…

Environmental Defense Fund

It’s no doubt that we’re passionate about the environment, as it creates and sustains all that we hold dear. We chose EDF because they embody everything we look for in an organization. You can learn more about them HERE and see a slice of what they’re all about below.

“Clean air and water. Abundant fish and wildlife. A stable climate. Our work protects nature and helps people thrive. What sets us apart is how we make this happen: By creating solutions that also carry economic benefits.”

What are some other steps that could be taken? We’d love to hear your ideas!

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