We just returned from a road trip through the Columbia River Gorge and into Portland, Oregon with two talented friends for a wedding photography conference, which was an unbelievably fun, inspiring, and transformative experience. Between soaking up the magical landscapes of the Columbia River Gorge, the hipster culture in Portland, and connecting with incredible artists and people, we had to stop and realize how grateful we are. Grateful to be artists, grateful for creative communities, and grateful to experience awe inspiring places in our natural world.

The trip was an opportunity to connect with the childlike part of ourselves. The carefree part that says “let’s just create and explore for no other reason than the joy of it”. So we did just that. And was fun, and freeing, and fed our wanderlust while making it more hungry. We can’t wait to visit Oregon again, and we would love to someday shoot a wedding by the Columbia River Gorge, where I’m fairly certain fairies live.

mystic 2016-006mystic-roadtrip-portland-oregon mystic-roadtrip-portland-oregon mystic 2016-013 mystic-roadtrip-portland-oregon mystic 2016-018Perusing records in Portland with Jenn from Cooked Photography.mystic-roadtrip-portland-oregonStreet photos with the Jeff from Cooked Photography.mystic 2016-023 Beautiful Dana of Gabe McClintock photography.
mystic 2016-025 mystic 2016-032mystic 2016-026 mystic 2016-034 mystic 2016-036Dinner stories after Jennifer Moher‘s absolutely fantastic keynote talk at Mystic Seminars.mystic 2016-047Dave and and the talented Hugh Whitaker being hilarious together.mystic 2016-049 Taking in the Portland experience with TJ, Franck, Jennifer, and Rob. I’m pretty sure when you’re around these people long enough you absorb some of their talent through osmosis.mystic 2016-053 mystic 2016-051We stopped by Multnomah Falls on our way home, which was very wet but entirely magical.
mystic 2016-065mystic 2016-063 We carried on to Latourell Falls…
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