Kimberly and Daniel are some of the sweetest people we know. I mean, so sweet that they remind us why we got into the business of photographing weddings in the first place. They met at the Metropolitan Grill in downtown Calgary. Daniel “suited up” with his friends, Kimberly was with another group and had the courage to go up and say hi, and they ended up talking for the rest of the night. 🙂 So all you single guys out there, don’t discredit “suiting up”, because it works! *That was me being optimistic that single guys actually read my blog.* Haha.

We went to Banff for their engagement session, the first place where they both said “I love you”. We were worried about a crazy downpour of rain all day, but an hour before it was time to leave the weather forecast changed and the rain let up. We ended up with a beautiful cloudy day (which is our fave to shoot in). They were so much fun and totally natural in front of the camera. Thanks hugely Kimberly and Daniel for being so rad!


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