Will you hold our date while we decide?

Unfortunately we are unable to hold a date without a paid retainer and signed contract, due to the nature of our short shooting season. If you’d like to check on our availability, please email us at any time. 

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment by cheque, email money transfer and credit card.

To pay with email money transfer:
Please send email money transfers to dave@abbyplusdave.com and use “wedding” as the answer to the security question.

To pay with cheque:
Please make all cheques payable to “Abby Plus Dave Inc.” and mail to:
19 Maryvale Place NE
Calgary, AB T2A 2V4 Canada

To pay with credit card:
Please phone us at 403-990-1258 so we can process that for you.. 


Creative Enhancements

Our images are lightly retouched to enhance details, contrast and colour. An image will be delivered either as colour or black and white, depending on which best fits that photo.
We take all images in colour and keep these original versions, so if you receive an image in colour that you’d love to see in black and white or vice versa, just ask.

Corrective Edits

We include blemish removal for the bride and groom free of charge. More advanced editing such as tattoo or tan-line removal may be done by request at the rate of $60/hour. It’s good to note that many makeup artists are able to hide both tattoos and tan lines, as well as apply a makeup sealer so that it doesn’t rub off throughout the day. You can ask your makeup artist about this in advance, and if you would like a referral for an artist who can do this just let us know.



We deliver our best images from a wedding day, which is typically 100 images/hour.
After an engagement session we typically deliver 60-80 images.


Images are delivered on a USB drive in JPEG format, which is standard at print labs. For each image there will be a high resolution version in a folder labelled “PRINT ME” and a low resolution version in a folder labelled “SHARE ME”. Images in the SHARE ME folder are an ideal size for sharing on Facebook and online, while images from the PRINT ME folder are an ideal size for printing. You should have no trouble creating very large wall prints from the Print folder without losing image quality. Your USB drive will also contain a PDF print release, stating that you have permission to print your images as much as you like at any lab.


When your images are finished we will send you an online gallery for viewing, downloading, and print ordering for you and your family and friends. Your gallery will be online for 6 months. You will also receive a slideshow of favourite images online and on your USB. Your USB drive of images will be shipped within a couple of days of your online gallery becoming available.

Wedding images will be available 4-6 weeks after your wedding.
Engagement images will be available 2 weeks after your session.

Can I send you inspiration images?

Of course, we’ll shoot anything on a wedding day that you ask us to shoot. But just remember that because weddings are unpredictable and things can be delayed, so the longer a posed shot list is the less time we will have to capture unique, creative images. These unique images happen organically as we work through our creative process; analyzing the light, location and moments around us. We suggest keeping this list within 3 items, and keep in mind that the location, light and feel of an inspiration photo can never be exactly duplicated.


Album Ordering

Wedding and parent albums can be ordered when you book your package or any time after. We are happy to guide you with narrowing down the album type that suits you best, just email dave@abbyplusdave.com if you’d like to setup a time to meet. 

Design Process

Abby creates an initial album design to best tell the story of your day. Once your design is created we will set up a meeting and we can proof and make revisions together. Nothing will be sent to print until you have given final approval.

Delivery Time

Your wedding album is printed and shipped 4-6 weeks from the order date.


Photography Timeline

We will send you a questionnaire 3 months before your wedding, requesting details such as when you would like photography coverage to begin and which family photos you would like taken. From your questionnaire answers we will build a timeline for the day as it relates to photography and send it to you for review.

Location Scouting

We will scout locations for family, wedding party and bride and groom portraits. If you have a special location in mind just let us know and we will be happy to go there, otherwise you can leave it to us. We suggest doing all family photos first at a location very close to the ceremony site.

Time Guidelines for Portraits

Below are ideal times for portraits, not including travel. These guidelines can be adjusted to what fits best within your timeline, preferences and locations.
Family 20 minutes
Wedding Party 20 minutes
Bride and Groom 40-60 minutes, though we’re happy to have more time!

Can my friends and family take pictures on the wedding day?

Absolutely! We will be photographing like crazy throughout the day, but we don’t expect to be the only ones with cameras. If your friends and family want to take pictures too, that is perfectly ok with us. The only time we ask for other photographers to put down their cameras is during the portrait sessions for you and your wedding party, as we find multiple cameras can be distracting and we want to make sure that you get the best portraits possible. All of the images will be made available  for you and your guests, so they don’t need to feel like they are missing out by not taking the photos themselves.