How many images do we receive?

You get the best of the best photos and it typically works out to 60 images per hour.

When will the photos be ready?

We’ll have your photos ready for you between 4-6 weeks after your wedding day.

When your images are finished we’ll send you your slideshow first. This is a special time when you get to see your first few images from your wedding and we encourage you to get cozy and watch it together with a glass of wine or a hot cup of tea or coffee.

Once you’ve seen your slideshow we’ll send you your online gallery. From here you can view, download, and order prints and we encourage you to share your gallery with your family and friends during the 6 months that it will be online.

If you order an album we’ll have your album design proof ready at the same time as your slideshow reveal. We’ll then finalize your album design with you so we can have it printed and in your hands within weeks. We know life gets busy and we want to make this process as seamless for you as possible.

Do you retouch the photos?

Your images are lightly retouched to enhance details, contrast and colour. An image will be delivered either as colour or black and white, depending on which best fits that photo.

We include blemish removal for you and your fiance free of charge. More advanced editing such as tattoo or tan-line removal may be done by special request and we would give you a custom price quote based on the level of editing you’d like done.

My friends like to take a lot of pictures, is that cool?

Of course! Some couples opt to have an unplugged ceremony so that their guests can enjoy being in the present moment with them and so that we can capture more of their reactions while they’re in the moment. We also encourage you to let your guests know that they will have access to your online gallery after the wedding day so they won’t need to feel like they’re missing out by not taking pictures.

That being said, whatever decision makes the most sense for you and your guests is cool with us.

How do family photos work?

This can be a chaotic part of the day, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ll build a list of all the groups that you and your family would like and on the wedding day Dave will call names for each group and then check off the completed shots as Abby shoots them. This allows us to move through groups efficiently while ensuring that we haven’t missed anyone. While we’ll shoot natural connections between your family candidly throughout the day, these portraits will document your family in a classical way.

Do you choose the portrait locations?

If you have a special spot in mind just let us know and we’ll check it out, otherwise you can leave the location scouting to us.

How long do you need for portraits?

Ideally we’d love to have 15 minutes for family photos, 15 minutes for wedding party photos and 40-60 minutes for portraits with the two of you. This being said, every wedding is different and we’ll work with you to tailor these times around your schedule and what’s most important to you.

Can I send you inspiration images?

You can, but we encourage you to tell us about any special photo requests you may have instead. This way we can incorporate your request into the style that you hired us for. This also leaves more room for creativity and creating something original for you, and what could be more interesting than that?

How does album ordering work?

We custom design your album, taking the 500-800 images you receive from your wedding day and sifting it down to the key photos that will bring your story to life. Then we finalize your album with you through an in-person or skype design consultation and it is ordered the next day. We want you to be able to have your album in your hands 2-3 months after your wedding day. No stress, no long wait. Just beautiful, physical memories.