Thanks to Mark for writing out some of his wedding thoughts for our blog this week!

We’re lucky. As teachers we had an entire month to stress out and prepare before our vows. I had no clear plans and most of our planning was fairly low key. Finding the venue was really the hardest part. Apparently one needs to book more than a year in advance for the high-demand venues in order to secure a Saturday. We found a tidy summer Friday which worked well. It stormed the day before and the day after. Friday itself was perfect. Fresh. Not Fresh-Prince fresh mind you, rather like mint and pine. But I’m getting ahead of myself here. Friday. Once we had a venue the rest of the details fell into place. My sister’s recent wedding gave us a lot to work with. We stole recklessly. What we couldn’t steal we made up as we went along. These things have a way of figuring themselves out. Ok, well, that’s a lie. Breanna did a lot (re: most) of the work with the other women from both our families and kept me from making too many decisions.  Luckily this is what I wanted anyway as Breanna tends to be right most all of the time anyway. I thought ocher and florescent orange would be wonderful. Champagne and Navy seemed to have worked okay, I guess.

We’re often told that the day will be a blur. One of my friends in our reception line said that I wouldn’t remember anything he said. I remembered that he said that. I remind him often. We’re often told that the best days of our lives are in High School or College. The best day of my life is always the next day I get to spend with Breanna. This is a corndog response, but it’s true. High School was the best. University was too. My wedding was the best day. Now, months later, the day I found out we have a child on the way, was the best day too. I could chart “best days” out and graph them with a line pointing upwards on some mathematical curve. I’ll probably have shitty days in the future, it’s true. But I’ve got quite a few bests yet to come. Our kids will get married one day. I’ll talk about our wedding – how frenetic and fizzy and fun it was. And I’ll show them the pictures so they can be there too.

Ceremony: Saint Albert the Great Catholic Parish
Reception: Pinebrook Golf & Country Club
Cake: Whippt Desserts & Catering
Band: The Groove Demons
Make-up and Hair: Dana McKinnon
Photobooth: Twisted Photobooth

Bride laughing with mom and bridesmaids text from bride bride hugging dad Bride crying with dad Wedding party in limo bride and mom in limo Groom shakes father-in-law's hand St Albert the Great Parish Wedding Little girls at wedding St Albert the Great Parish Wedding Groom wiping bride's tears wedding rings with a cross Dad cries with son at wedding Grandparents at wedding St Albert the Great Parish Wedding St Albert the Great Parish Wedding Bride hugs students Throwing birdseed at a wedding Wedding couple in hedge maze Wedding Couple in reflected forestPinebrook Golf & Country Club WeddingPlaying in balloons at wedding Pinebrook Golf & Country Club Wedding Pinebrook Golf & Country Club Wedding Pinebrook Golf & Country Club Wedding Pinebrook Golf & Country Club Wedding Pinebrook Golf & Country Club Wedding Bride and groom under Alberta skies

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