Dave and I took a brief hiatus to Belize, a beautiful little country in Central America. We stayed on an Island called Ambergris Caye, which is about an hour or so boat ride to the mainland. Besides working on our burns, we checked out some Mayan ruins, took a boat ride through a river to see some wildlife… Dave had a wild monkey on his lap! And we happened to be there during carnival. We also did our open water Scuba diving certification there and I gotta say it was pretty amazing, once my brain stopped panicking and realized it wasn’t going to drown. They have a beautifully maintained barrier reef that is packed with life. In fact our whole Island was pretty well maintained. Belize puts a strong focus on eco tourism, in an effort to preserve the natural beauty that’s bringing tourists there and boosting the economy. Pretty smart. We were on break and we didn’t bring our nice cameras, but I thought I’d share a few of our iPhone vacation shots with you 🙂

Our first night there we happened by a Canadian pub and met some crazy friendly and rad locals. Tom, Shelly and Bella were kind enough to tell us about their beautiful Island and share some warm hospitality with us. Bella has a blog called Bella in Belize, it’s a great resource if you’re considering visiting Belize!

This is Dave and I after carnival. The kids in the town form teams and each team has it’s own paint colour (which sometimes has rotten egg mixed in so you can smell a team before you see them!). The goal seems to be getting your team colour on as many people as possible. It turned out getting branded was ridiculously fun (because we didn’t get any rotten egg paint)! Also as a note, a lot of the kids were running around barefoot and when a glass broke on the ground everyone nearby cleaned it up right away. We were impressed with how much they take care of each other.

A wall in town, a few days after carnival.

We did a Mayan tour with Searious adventures (Belizeans love puns, seriously, they’re everywhere). I would definitely recommend them. Oh and tying in with their eco tourism, our breakfast and lunch was all home cooked and packed in Tupperware. So yummy with so little waste!

This is Dave looking way cool while snorkeling. We tried snorkeling and diving, I gotta say diving was way more immersive!

I’ll leave you with a shot of our view. We could get used to island life! For about two weeks, and then we’d go crazy with needing something to do, haha. Happy Monday!

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