We think people are pretty amazing. Especially after shooting over 100 weddings, we’ve gotten to see some really beautiful moments unfold within the unique relationships of friends and family. We get to witness the strengthening of those bonds through the celebration of love and commitment that a wedding day embodies.

We believe that the heart of a wedding is people. We think each person is most beautiful when they get to be themselves, and each photograph is worth keeping when it captures the truth of who a person is; of how a moment felt. Our job is to not only let you be you, but to celebrate your uniqueness. We want to help you see and preserve the beautiful, hilarious, sweet, loving and downright “never could have called that one” moments. We want you, your family, and your family’s future generations to be able to look back and see how insanely in love you were, how much your family and friends loved you and each other, and how that day strengthened the bond of community between each person there.

Throughout the day we like to let things unfold naturally, favouring authentic moments over staged because we want your images to trigger memories of what really happened.

When it comes to portraits of the two of you, we’ll give you lots of direction while keeping it relaxed so your personalities and connection with each other can shine through. Most of our clients are nervous about getting their photo taken and we’ve heard “No really, I’m especially not photogenic” a bunch of times, but it’s never been a problem yet. We’ll shoot the more traditional family and bridal party portraits as well because we think it’s important to have these too, but we pretty much have these down to a science and can move through them efficiently so we can get you back to celebrating with your guests.