Amber and Brendan were married on a beautiful sunny day in Okotoks, Alberta in her parents backyard. I’ve been friends with Amber for years, since we worked together as graphic designers. I remember the day she told me about this guy she met called Brendan and how much she liked him. Years later we’re photographing their wedding day and it’s surreal and beautiful. These two have such warm smiles and infectious laughs that you can’t help but join in on the good vibes. It was so special to document this day for them, and an honour to see how much they love each other. These two are so natural together that Dave and I pretty much tried to shut up and let their connection just flow organically. Thanks so much you two, and congratulations!

Ceremony and Reception: Parent’s of the Bride’s Home
Cake: Father of the Groom
Makeup by: Candice Fudge
Hair by: Jillian Laycock
Flowers by: Okotoks Country Florist
Dress from: Durand Bridal
Catering by: Duncan Catering LTD.

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