Hi, We're Abby + Dave

We’re explorers of:  the world, life, love, light, and dark

 We’re wedding photographers because:

It's Real

Under the exterior layer that we put up to navigate the world there is a part of us that is both vulnerable and powerful; both beautiful and raw. It’s where we love and it’s where we remember who we are. When you let us document you in this place you let us give you a bridge to go back there at any time.

It's Always New

Every wedding is different because every person is different. Each relationship carries its own experiences that continue to shift and grow, breathing life into each moment. It’s not about recreating a shot list, it’s about creating something new and alive.

It's a Dance

Everything happens in its own imperfectly perfect way, with each element flowing together to create a dance. If you’d like us to be a part of your dance, we’d love to hear from you.